John Lund

Sales Manager, Visy Oy, United States

John Lund has more than 15-years of experience helping marine and intermodal terminals achieve their operational objectives through the implementation of technology. He has worked on a variety of projects in Europe, Africa and the Americas involving OCR, RFID, DGPS and other process automation tools. His career motivation is knowing that he improves safety, suitability and profitability of his customer sites. John holds an MBA and law degree. A Boston, USA native, John has lived in various parts of Europe and the US, and now resides in Los Angeles, California. In his free time, he is active in sports such as strongman.

16.30 - 16.50 CET

Virtual Ports & Logistics Summit 25 Nov

Spreader OCR for Simple, Reliable and Cost-Effective Automation

Container handling equipment (“CHE”) and spreaders are critical in terminal operations. Spreaders are the common denominator in container moves: 99.9% of containers are moved via CHE with spreaders. Together, these pieces of equipment drive efficiency and safety. However, the equipment has traditionally been limited in terms of providing IT-based automation benefits.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence (“AI”) and camera manufacturing have created opportunities in vision technology that only a few years ago seemed impossible. Visy’s spreader OCR system called “TopView” applies these advances to spreaders to solve some major problems facing terminals. TopView, automatically verifies every box ID picked up by a spreader and provide a series of benefits.

TopView has been proven to solve operational problems including:

  1. Twin twenty detection
  2. Damage imaging and detection
  3. Automatic box identification using OCR
  4. Prevention of wrong moves
  5. Inventory confirmation and virtual yard creation
  6. Increases CHE utilization
  7. Allow operators to focus on CHE rather boxes

The presentation will show how any spreader, on any CHE, can serve as a data collection device to enhance operations and productivity. TopView will collect data in real time and help operators make better decisions thus leading to cost savings and increased efficiency and safety. The smart spreader will save time and money on every container move and prevent costly problems that halt operations and increase terminal liability.