Lars Greiner

Senior Project Consultant, HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, Germany

Having grown up predominantly in Southern Africa, Lars has a real passion and feel for the continent, dedicating most of his life towards logistics growth within the region.
He is a recognised authority in Shipping and Logistics operations with over 28 years’ industry experience globally. He has focused on leading the logistics teams in the developing world and on developing capacities in these countries, including opening country offices and growing the businesses for Multinational shipping and logistics companies in several Africa countries . He was responsible for the planning and financial development of these organisations, including developing international links and trade for the local companies.
Recently he has focused on the development of strategic plans within the middle east and African regions, as well as large an megaprojects,. Although he is now based back in Germany, his passion for the development of Africa continues to be a driving force aiming and he remains involved in the concept, study, development and implementation of turnkey out-of-the-box logistics solutions internationally.
He is extremely well versed most logistics disciplines including containers, bulk and breakbulk cargo movements as well as project logistics.
Recently he has tended to focus on development projects in Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique and Kazakhstan.

15.05 - 15.20 CET

Virtual Ports & Logistics Summit 25 Nov

Keynote Speech: "What does Africa need in real investment in order to realise the potential in the next 20 years"

<p>The Keynote Speech will focus on the infrastructure needs and the educational needs required in order to achieve the various targeted growth.</p><p> </p>